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Kazakh Students Thoughts on Stalin (Part III)

A. I. Actually, I don’t think I’m the person who can judge Stalin, but if to pretend to be a judge, I would say that Stalin had both good and bad sides, which effect on the lifes of Kazakh people.  Of course I’m against his violent actions that he did in the past.  That kind of people, I suppose, never can do “good” things but from one side I agree that he did some sort of “useful” things on Kazakh land.

He was the first who made Kazakh nomadic nation to step, and to learn agricultural things, Vavilov said that it’s not right, I agree that many millions of people died in those years, but we just need to mention that 1930s were the years of war, years of pain, and the whole world began to increase their industrial power, while our Kazakhs were only around sheep.  So that I think, probably, Stalin made a first step to civilization on Kazakh land, from this side I can say that Stalin was “useful” person, but as in whole he was “cruel.”


V. K. Stalin is one of the most recognized leaders but not only from a good point of view but from the bad as well.  I think he was bad for KZ because of sending people here as enemy’s of the Soviet Union, the hero from the story, Vavilov, who was a really important person to USSR, was sent to KZ. 


AA – I think that Stalin’s regime was as good as well as bad for the citizens of KZ, because of some reasons.  Firstly, Stalin was the authority in the whole Soviet Union, some people, even the majority of people loved him and adored him because they thought that he is a great person.  But people who knew about Stalin something wrong, they didn’t stay alive for long, because Stalin didn’t want to know all people, so he did all possible things in order to do that person – the enemy of the country.  Also people didn’t see any bad things about Stalin because he controlled everything, and even magazines and newspapers were directed by special people who controlled the text, etc.  The best Stalin’s regime’s advantage that in his times Soviet Union  In spite of not good enough guns and other equipments, he did that.  For this I appreciate him.  But I still cannot understand why he thought that most people are enemies, and did he think that he is God, who can take the people’s lives?  Of course, after the death of the person we cannot say bad things about him, also we don’t know what there was exactly, so I think that it is unfair to destroy people’s lives like he and his government did.  They sent lots of people to the prison and the camps or shot them.

Maybe if he had not been ruler for the 30 years, my grandparents view on something would be differently, but I think that nothing would be changed, because Stalin was only in Russia, but my family lived in Kyrgyzstan and they didn’t know at all how Stalin had ruled.


D. K. – To be honest I do not know what to say about life of my family if there wasn’t be a Stalin, maybe my grandmother would be killed, maybe won’t, I don’t know what would be if Borbachev or Chernenko were the leaders of USSR in that time period.  I think it is a prerogative of scientists and writers to think about this.  But I can say that for Kazakhstan it was a terrible time during Stalin’s leadership.  He wanted to ruin an ancient Kazakh style of life.  To move Kazakhs to Syberia it is the same to move native Africans to North Pole.  Kazakhs cannot survive without their animals, horses, sheeps, camels, etc.  And these animals cannot live in arctic climate.  So they would all die.  It was a madness, real madness; not to do this but even only think about it.


M. K. Overall, I believe that Stalin wasn’t a good leader for Soviet Union.  Everybody knows how many crimes he had committed; because of him millions of people either died or just were lost, especially the intelligence of the USSR – the scientists, writers, teachers were killed or under repression.

But there were some good things about him as well, because there should have been something that makes our grandparents good about those days.  Also, who knows what would have been the result of WWII without Stalin, because during war time a nation needs a strong leader.  But what amazes me most is that our relatives who lived at that period in USSR remember those days with smiles despite everything they went through.


B.Y – I think that Joseph Stalin wasn’t so generally good for all countries, which were in USSR, not only for the citizens of KZ.  Even as we know his attitude to his mother was bad.  He was strict and strong.  But these qualities of him helped to win Germany, with the help of other countries won the war against Hitler’s army in WWII.  For our generation he seems to be so good.  But for people who lived at that time he was the best.  Even they cried when he was died.  They thought that, everything would be destroyed.  Nobody would be like Stalin.  But as we see, we can live without Stalin’s regime and we are developing countries.


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