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Liya’s Grandmother – “Way of Wisdom and Happiness”


My grandmother was born in a small town Sorochinsk, which is in a deep Russian province. When she was a child this town was even like a village. There were only small private houses, people were engaged in facilities. There were cows and hens, big whea fields and kitchen gardens in every court yard. My grandmother was a girl from the village. So, she  was very skillful and dexterous.

Grandmother lived in a very numerous family. There were six children except her. It was a really big family: seven children, parents, grandparents. And they lived all together. My granny was not the youngest child in the family. She had a younger sister and brother. Because of such significant number of children her mother, who was my great-grandmother, couldn’t care about all children at the same time, my grandmother was responsible for her younger brother and sister. She was able to look after them.

She was very responsible and reliable daughter in the family. She was good at school and obedient at home. When the time came to think where to study, she decided to be a dressmaker. She had to go to Kazakhstan, to city Semipalatinsk. There was a sewing school. Granny went to Semipalatinsk with her close friend Tamara who wanted to go to a pedagogical university there.

However, my grandma met her future husband while studying. My grandfather was very handsome and clever. He had the Polish roots and was aristocratically noble. So, my granny fell in love with him and decided to marry him and stay in Semipalatinsk. And granny’s friend Tamara returned back to Sorochinsk.

When granny’s mother had known about granny’s plans she was not offended by her daughter. She understood that it was love and destiny. She was only happy for the daughter’s life. Granny’s marriage meant that my great-grandmother should manage with all household chores by herself. But she knew that her daughter’s happiness is more important and allowed her to stay in my granddad’s city.

My grandmother has lived in Semipalatinsk for about thirty years. There were problems in her family and granny and granddad decided to divorce. It was an ingenious decision because after their divorce my grandparents became great friends. They haven’t broken a family. They just changed relations and find a stable balance in them. It was very wise step. My granny has received in the inheritance the wisdom from my great-grandmother.

But it happened that granny had to go to Sorochinsk one day. There were some problems with a house and there was only her elder sister who was ill. My grandmother went to Sorochinsk. She solved all problems in a rather easy way and while solving them she had suddenly felt that she wanted to stay there, in her parents’ or in her family house.

Now she is living in Sorochinsk again. She works in the small town church there. She sews clothes for priests and makes different details for the church. All people in Sorochinsk think that she is an ingenious sewer. They see how priests are looking, how well all the details are made and thank my granny for all this.

My granny is really happy now. She is surrounded by her close friends, she can do her work very well, she lives in her lovely house. And she is going to be happy despite any unpleasant events!                     

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