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Nurlybek’s Grandma – “Famine’s Life and Death Decision”


I asked my grandma for some interesting story about her life experience so she told me her mum’s story which happened in 1931-32 to one woman.  My grandma was born by 1935 and it was Soviet Union time. By 1942-45 there was Second World War which she still remembers, but in that time she was only 7-10 years old. And as she said that was such an awful time, that the people can not see their good future and everyday hoping that war will finish that very day.

But before the Second World War happened in Kazakh nation was big tragedy and it was the famine. It happened in 1931-32 and during these years in Kazakh land was political repression of Kazakh people and the government of Soviet Union tried to quickly install the ideology and the rules of socialism, when all people are the same. So the government took everything from people especially food, dress, animals and etc. And at the end of this action the Kazakh people haven’t got anything to survive, so by 1931 in nation started famine. Especially when it was winter most of the people died hungry. So, people were so crazy that they even ate grass and mice…  

So, as she remembers in that winter near the village of where her mum lived was one very hungry village. There especially wasn’t any kind of food, drink and dress… And one woman with her small children, who was girl and boy decided to go to village where grandpa mum’s lived. But out side of village was so dangerous with wolves that everyone was so afraid, but the woman ran away. She had a long hard way and when the next village was closed she suddenly heard the howl of wolves. And in that moment she understands that there is no chance to survive with her children. So she decided to leave one of her children behind, which was a girl. So, she left her and continued the trip. At the end, she come to village and cried every day, but she also understood that her son is alive he would continue the decent of Kazakh nation.   

Overall I hope that not ever human society will see this tragedy like famine. And I also hope that our young Kazakh generation will remember that worst time and have respect for the people who died in that time. Because, the fifty percent of Kazakh popularity died during that time…

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