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Viktoriya’s Grandma – “The One I Trust”

In modern world there are just few people who you can really trust to. The one I trust is my Grandmother – Galina. We are really close friends and there are a lot of memories that I’d like to share with you. Time is passing by so quickly and I am trying to memorize every moment I spend with my granny as she is the closest human being to me. She is the only person I can talk to without being afraid of misunderstandings. She is my only grandmother and my only grandparent who is still alive, so everything she told me about her experience was a great example to follow.

         She started her story with the most painful memories for her…The Second World War started when she was just 6 years old so from that age she understood the importance of being strong and self-confident. She was living in the area where everyday military actions took place and at that young age she saw enough blood and death. She was not eating and sleeping enough, she was thinking that any day could be the last day. But what surprised me most is that even living in such atmosphere she didn’t stop dreaming. She had a dream and she followed it. My Grandmother was dreaming about peace, about family, about good job and about health and happiness. That was the thing I did not have that time. I did not have a dream, she was the one who taught me how to dream. She told me that her dream guided her through her life and everytime she achieved her dream the new dream appeared in her mind.

         So she went through the hard war time and started the long way to her dream. She was an excellent student at school and university, got married, gave birth to two children, found a job she liked and never stopped dreaming. She told me about her first love, about relations with friends and parents, about all the mistakes she made. From that time I tried not to make mistakes that she had made, but later she told me that I was going to have my own mistakes as well. But she asked me to promise that I would never be afraid of something. The phrase she told me is still in my head: ‘Never let the fears of striking out keep you from playing the game’.  And I am never afraid, thanks Granny.

         The other thing that I always keep in my mind is her attitude to the relationship between men and women. She had a really complicated life as her first husband liked to go out and to drink. Granny was strong enough to divorce and to stay alone with two children. She told me that it is better to be alone than to be with a man who does not appreciate you. She stayed alone for a while but soon she married my second grandfather. The one who brought me up as his real grandchild. I do not know why, but after her story I understood that it would not be easy to find the one and I will marry a man that I can not live without, the one I will really love.

         She was always strong and now when she is 71 years old she is still strong. She never gave up and always supported me when I was about to quit. When I will have grandchildren I would like to be the same as she is. =)

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