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Baurzhan’s Grandparents’ Grew Up Early

My grandmother’s name is Aina. She was born in 1930. She was child in her family. Her family lived in South of Kazakhstan, in a small town Taldykorgan. When she was 11 years old, her father took a part in the war. At that time my grandmother had a very difficult life, she helped her mother in a house and also she worked in a farm. Moreover, she had to look after her little sisters and brothers. In her free time she was reading books and trying to study grammar.    

           At that time, a fisherman’s family lived in another part of Kazakhstan. His family included his wife and two of their sons.  His wife was a teacher in a primary school. The oldest son was 16 years old, he finished school and decided to go into the army.  However, the youngest son, it is my grandfather, was born in 1927.In 1941 when the war started, my grandfather’s dad and brother had to go to the war.

     During the war my grandfather and my grandmother had a very busy, difficult life. Also at that time there was lack of food and water, a lot of people died from diseases. After the war my grandmother’s father came home, and their life became stable and quiet. However, my grandfather came home, but his brother died. It was horrible news to my grandfather and his mom. They were very depressed and sad.

     When my grandmother was 16 years old, her father decided to send her to Almaty to study medicine. She moved there and lived at her uncle’s house. Also there were two more girls who were studying medicine too. She studied there six years and then decided to work at a hospital.

    At that time my grandfather was 22 years old and made a decision that he would leave home and look for a job. His parents were very angry, but they had no choice. For a long time he was looking for a job, then he came to Almaty and found job in an engineering company. It was not a difficult job for him, because he had been working since he was 14 years old.

    One day my grandfather’s friend had a problem with his leg, my granddad called to hospital, where my grandmother was working. My grand mother was a doctor in that hospital. When my grandfather and his friend came to hospital, my granddad saw her and fell in love. More over my grandmother liked him too.  In a one year’s time they decided to marry, my grandfather came to Taldykorgan and asked permission to marry. Their parents were happy, and gave them permission. My grand father and my grandmother moved to Aktau. There my grandmom gave birth to my father and my aunty and they lived together a long happy life.






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