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Diana’s Grandparents and their Cow

My name is Diana, and as I said before I am from Taraz. And now I live in Almaty with my grandmother’s sister, Sara Hamziyevna.  She was born in 1936, her family was living in a small villageKoshek, it is still there, near Semey. When World War II began my great grandfather was sent to fight. My great grandmother left alone with two little daughters. The whole day my great grandmother was working in kolkhoz, in the evening she was knitting gloves, socks and sewing different stuffs for soldiers. After few years connection with great grandfather was lost. It was really hard time, my grandmother Sara was helping her mother everywhere, where she could.  

In Koshek grandmother Sara has finished 4 year school, after my great grand mother’s mother took her to a town where Sara apa (how I call her) has finished 10 year high school, and after that she was introduced with her future husband. As you may be know, in Kazakhstan, especially in auls, usually parents were choosing future husband or wife for their children. In this case our relatives decided to introduce themselves to each other in a “modern” to that time way, they went to the cinema. After marriage they went to Turkmenistan, where my grandfather should work. But there they caught illness and were returned to Kazakhstan. In that time everyone said that Sara successfully got married, because my grandfather worked as an engineer, it was one of the best jobs. In 1954 they moved to Almaty and still they live in this city.

Unfortunately, my mother’s mom died when I was 14 years old and I don’t remember exactly stories that she told me, honestly, there were so many and interesting of them. One story that I remember it is about cow. When their family was living in aul they had the only cow, that was breadwinner for them, her name was Manya. One day this cow with other cattle has been grazed in a field, and there were well, and Manya went down to it. First of all it was tragedy for family, but for girls it was loss of their friend, because this cow was so clever, she never mixed  her house after grazing with others. And in addition she knew her name, when somebody was calling her by her name she always was saying something to show that she know that somebody called her.

It is so pity that I don’t remember stories of my granny, because she was the first person, whom I loved the most.  I exactly know, that she loved her father, even she was so little when he left them, because she often showed me a very small photos of her father and cried a lot… She tried to find him among heroes of Soviet Union in other countries, she believed that he is may be still alive…

I think that life of my two grannies was different, but both of them was difficult in their own way…They have gone from a lot of difficulties, but they always were very good persons with a “huge hurts”. 

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