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“Cruel WWII Forged Grandparents Romance” by Timerlan

My grandparents’ romance began in the beginning of the Second World War…..They met each other in difficult circumstances. As you know the WWII was very hard to achieve victory for both sides. My grandfather was an infantry soldier and my future grandmother was a nurse in a hospital. My grandfather’s name is Beisen and granny’s Nurzhamal, they managed to meet each other when my grandfather was injured by the fascist’s grenade. It was horrible time for our military forces in East Europe.


Most of Beisen’s friends who were in his troop died after the first week of campaign named “silent night”. Their mission in Europe was to land in “rearward of enemy” and to destroy their main factories which produced military weapons. His military battalion was deployed to the East Europe at the beginning of the General Bagrov’s campaign. The first week of war in Europe was really hard after their studying in military school. Beisen and his friends were very young at that time and nobody knew for what happens they should prepare. So…. As I said before for Beisen these events were hard to imagine and to tell me the whole story, I only know about one part of his life……


So….. When Beisen’s troop landed to extraction point in East Europe the scouting forces were mistaken and their forces were killed by German militia. Fortunately, when Germans attacked Soviet camp, Beisen didn’t been at the territory of camp, so he survived in that massacre. Nearly 10-15 soldiers were survived at that night. Their mission failed and they didn’t know what to do next, because they couldn’t make a call to friendly troops nearby. Thus, they were cut off from a rescue. They needed a plan how to rescue without any noise, so after some discussions with crew Beisen and members of detachment steal some clothes from enemies. All went smoothly, but suddenly the most unexpected event happened – the member of guard suspected that something wrong and switched alert. Everybody run the enemy threw a grenade to one of the Beisen’s friend, but fortunately Beisen saved Alexander’s life when he closed him from the fragments of grenade. He was injured but Alexander helped to escape……..


After a few weeks of treatment, Beisen woke up at the hospital and someone looked for him. The woman who looked after him all day along was my future grandma….. When the war was finished and Berlin was capitalized my grandparents Beisen and Nurzhamal got married…….They lived together all their life……

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