“I Wish I Could Remember” about Ruslan’s Grandpa

My story is about my grandfather. His name is Syzdykov Torsan. I do not quite remember him, because he died when I was only four years old. But the stories my father told me about him gave me the picture of how great he was. He lived in a very hard time. He survived the war and Soviet times. Nowadays our life has become much more easier. I wish he could see the result of what they were fighting for.

He was born in a large family of 9 people. They lived in an aul (village) near today’s Kostanai. They didn’t have much; they made their living by cattle-breeding. Unfortunately, I do not know the details of their living. When the war began he was called up for war. He served in an armored division. He participated in the battle under the Moscow and in the battle for Stalingrad. During one of the battles he lost his leg. A grenade was thrown towards the tank where he and his comrades were. He helped them to get out and when he himself was getting out of the tank it blew up. When the war was over he returned home, everyone was happy then. In 1955 he met my grandmother and they got married. Five years later my father was born. He is the youngest son. With a new family my grandfather moved to Lyublinka, where they stayed until 1997.

I was born in 1989. My father always tells me that my grandpa loved me most of all his grandchildren. His sons always told him that he gives all of his attention to me, but he answered that he loved all of his grandchildren equally. Every morning I brought his prostheses of his leg to him. There was an occasion once. All of our family went for a celebration to a village that was 15 kilometers from ours. Me and my brother were left at home. At the celebration my grandpa was told that I was at home and he himself with a prosthesis of his leg took a car, it was Zhiguli 5, and drove 15 kilometers in winter to take me with himself to the celebration. So everywhere he went he took me with him. He played cards with me. My dad said that it was so cute seeing me playing with my grandpa.

When he died, nobody told me that he was gone and 3 months later when it was my grandmother’s birthday an old man came as a guest. He looked like my grandpa and I ran to him, embraced him and asked him crying where he was for so long. I confused him with my grandpa. All of my uncles and aunts saw it and it touched their heart so much that they couldn’t stand and cried. The old man was crying too. That’s the only thing that I remember about him. I wish I could remember more. I wish he was right here with me, but it’s impossible…


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