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“Own Ideal Person” – Alexandra’s Grandpa

Everybody has their own ideal person, who exemplifies and creates in us a force to fight for right way or idea .  My life is full of a great, strong person, who I knew all my life, and who influenced on it hitherto.  I prefer to talk about grandfather, because he’s still alive, and we have close connections. Now, he is successful businessman, who has own company and strong health, who is 62 years old.  Actually, his name is Melis, me and all grandchildren call him Marat( he prefers it) .

In  1946, when almost all families were equally poor, because of the Soviet regime, my grandfather was born. As I remember, he told me many times, “Sasha, you must be very happy, you have everything!!”,it directly relates to his childhood,  because his family consisted of 11 children, and certainly not everyone had opportunity to study or work. In school time, he was interested in radio communications and wireless, what gave him future career. Moreover, in school time, he created own radio-wave, and had opportunity to go on the air. When grandfather was 18, he graduated school with excellent grades, and served in Uzbekistan in communication troops.

After army he entered to electro-technical college in Astrahan ( Russia), which also graduated with excellence. During studying in college, in 1967,  he got married, and my mother, Dilyara, was born in 1968.  Moreover, after few years he entered to another university, but, unfortunately, didn’t graduate. I think, this problem was connected with family, which he created, certainly, it was financial problems .

Next years of his life varied fast, one more child was born( my aunt, Helen), but Melis’ wife ( my grandmother, Eugenia) dead. All that period he worked hard as electrical communication engineer, was in many Soviet countries, such as Uzbekistan, Russia and in many Kazakhstan towns, for instance, in Aktobe . Few years later, Melis was invited , in those times, new constructed town Shevchenko( now, Actau) for work, as electrical communication engineer. He created electrical and radio communications there, and stayed there for all his life.

After disintegration of Soviet Union and  much work experience, grandfather created his own company  “Electric communication”. His company has many great contracts with big local companies, he made electrical and radio network in local airport, fire alarm and in many plants.   The project of my grandfather’s life, the result of his life, I mean company, existing for 15 years, and functioning successfully!  Today he lives in Aktau with dog ( Vaselisa), I think he must be happy, because he created life by himself by back-breaking work, and now make us work hard. And our family often mention example of such strong person, as my grandfather.

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