“Too Young to Die” Part II by Alexandr

The next period of their life I would say is “the dark time”, from historical point of view, of course. I call it that way, because I and my mom do not know anything from those times, only few things. My great-grandfather became a spy, but had not had told it to his wife for a long time. They have always been moving around. They had been all over the Soviet Union and neighbor countries. My great-grandmother was alone most of times, and once she asked: “Why you never talk about your job?”, on what he answered: “I want you to live!”. They lived in wealth, but they never had neighbors, because they used to live near mountains or in forests, so people would not see them.


Great-grandfather would bring clothes and other stuff, what could not be grown by them from time to time. The food that they had been eating was all home made. By the time, my grandma was born, but unfortunately I do not even know what year it was. She was the only child they had. He was afraid his wife and daughter to be hurt, therefore he would always give instructions on what to do in some situations or if he would not return home. Eventually, it happened.


By the end of World War II he did not return on the week he was supposed to, not the week later, and not even the month later. Three month later his old friend from the military academy came to their house and gave my great-grandmother a box. He said her husband wanted her to have it if he would get caught and killed. It was a shock for her, no matter the fact that she knew what kind of job he had, and that he had been always preparing her for the thing like this. She opened that box and there were all the medals he had achieved, all the certificates, jewelry and keys of the house in Moldova with the last letter, where he wrote how much he loved them and suggested to move to Moldova and get a “real life”.


After a while my great-grandmother went back to normal, and moved with my grandma to Moldova, the country where she was born and where she met her husband. Starting from that time she had never had a single male in her life, not even a friend. She would never let anyone else in her heart. It hurts too much. Elena raised her daughter Sveta and tried to spend all her free time with her. May be it was too much, because my grandma Sveta grew up, put her career on the first place, and had been visiting her mother very rarely. Later she gave birth to my mom Alena and gave my mom to my great-grandmother for rising.


Sveta had big success in her career, eventually, she was chosen to the Senate of Moldova, but she was missing everything else. She would visit her mother and her daughter very rarely yet. Elena had great times with her grand daughter and everything what I know about Vladimir, Elena and Sveta, I know from my mom. Later my mom got married, moved to Germany, where I was born, and then we moved to Kazakhstan. Five years later mom brought Elena from Moldova to Kazakhstan, and we surrounded her with love.


On the January 3-rd of 2007 my great-grandmother died. I was very upset, especially because I was in USA at that time, and I was informed about it only after the funeral.  Mom called and told me that she had bad news and I did not need any other words, I knew what happened. Elena had been coming to me in my dreams 3 days after her death, until the day she was buried and I was informed.

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