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Nargiza’s Kazakh Grandpa Lived and Died with Horses

          When I start to remember about my grandparents I become sad, because they died.  I think that everyone has warm feeling to grandparents.  I remember I lived with them more than 3 years. During this time they give all their concern and attention for me.  They showed how warm and frankly might be relation between grandparents and grandchild.

          What about my grandfather. His name was- Baimuhan. It’s very difficult to pronounce. He had six wives. The last one was my grandmother. The reason of polygamy- no children. The first five wives couldn’t give birth. Then my grandfather met my young and beautiful grandmother who’s name was Aisha. In that time my grandmother’s age was only 18 years. After their marriage my grandmother gave birth to eight children. So one of these children is my father. They were happy but their life was very difficult as my father said.

            My grandma was teacher at a school. In that time they haven’t school where speak and study in Kazakh. They had only schools where they study only in Russian. She didn’t know this language.  So work at school was very difficult to her. Father told that before lunch she worked at school then came back home took care of eight children then again went to work. It was very difficult for women- Work overtime. 

            My grandpa was strong and big man like wild boar. He was a combine operator. He worked all day to maintain and ensure his family. It was very difficult to him, because unskilled labour didn’t give much money. He was educated person but he couldn’t have good job, because they lived in time of
Soviet Union. So in this time Kazakh’s men couldn’t have good job only unskilled labour. During time of Soviet Union only Russian men had good jobs, good house in one word “good life.”   What about Kazakh’s people, they had difficult life.  They don’t respect Kazakh’s right. Nowadays thanks God we have normal life. We bring our independence. So everyone in this country can have good job if he wants. 

            My grandpa liked horse –riding. In village every end of the summer all men gathered and organized “BAIGE”. It’s mean horse-race. It’s Kazakh’s tradition and it saved up to nowadays.  So I am proud to say, that my grandpa won all competitions. He was winner in all. But one day he flied off horse and fell on earth on his head. He felled to his death.   Unfortunately, he couldn’t see his entire grandchild. Then after three year died my grandma. They are buried together.  Now all their generation respects them and keeps in mind. When their children collect they start to tell about their funny or sad stories which happened with them. It’s very interesting to listen about your grandparents. My father tells about his parents to me. I hope I will tell about my parents to my children.

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