Why I LOVE Teaching ESL/EFL Students (Part II)

This blog entry is a continuation of yesterday’s culling out papers from my old files of what students have handed in to me.  Some are pretty hilarious. The following reference letter was written by A.K.’s teacher from Turkey.  Apparently A. thought it might be a good example to follow for a native writer of English who has done many reference letters for her students.  A.K. wrote this in very good handwriting so I’m not questioning his ability as a student of English.  I’m simply wondering about his teacher back in Turkey? I don’t think any of my Kazakh students would presume to think I can’t write a reference letter for them.  I think A.K. was trying to accommodate by speeding up his application process. 

Hi! This is A. I have put an example of reference paper.  Maybe you would like to change something.  When you change something and sign, please send me my address…Arlington, VA…because I need to make copy of your reference paper…


Mitchell Building

University of Maryland

College Park, Maryland 20742-5235


Dear Sir Madam,

I am delighted to write this recommendation letter for A.K.’s application for admission to your program.  This happy task, however, presents an unusual challenge to my command of the English language, as it will require a variety of effective adjectives to describe A’s qualifications as a person.  My additional concerns it that, even if my command of the language were sufficient, I will still suffer from the infirmity of the language itself.  I am further concerned with the prospect that you may find my praise of A. too good to be true.  I will, just the same, give it a try.


I have know A. for about (3 months, 4 months…Kendin bunu yaz). He is my one of the best students.  His performance in these courses have been nothing less than excellent.  A. has shown to be pragmatic in his approach to every assignment in that he is cognizant of the overall objective at all times and, at he same time, pays sufficient attention to details. He is thorough and results oriented, pursuing his objectives until achieved.


In A., one finds a person who, in earnest , is a man for all seasons, as he is very versatile and capable of adapting to changing circumstances with a flair.  He is kind and caring beyond words, intelligent in true sense of the word.


Give A. a chance in your program, regardless of his apparent qualifications, you shall not be disappointed.  I would stake my reputation on that, but my reputation would not do justice to him as a guarantee.  If you give this young man a chance in your program you shall enjoy the privilege that I am talking about.  I very strongly recommend A. for admission to your program, as I am sure he will prove to be one of the best students you admit.  You should be glad you did.  Society shall be grateful to you for it.




Instructor’s name







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