Everyone Fun: Fireworks, Bonfire, Firey Sunset

In no particular order I’m showing the photos from yesterday’s family event.  Misha, my dear little nephew from Russia, went with me early in the morning to find the Habitat for Humanity bikers who are biking from East Coast to West Coast.  They got an early start so we missed them but I got a good laugh at how ridiculous Misha looked in my yellow jacket. 

We had the family come out to the farm for grilled chicken last night and had fireworks with a bonfire and SMORES, of course.  Misha was into everything from old farm equipment to the fireman’s pole which he ably climbed up and also eating gooseberries.  He was THRILLED to find our bush because he remembers loving them back in Russia where he grew up the first six years of his life in an orphanage.   When we were all played out, the family went back to town and I followed on my Cannondale.  Then I turned around to get a photo of the firey sunset above our farmyard, the sky kept changing and I kept biking.  A fun time was had by everyone.

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    jake said,

    Hi there,

    Just been searching the net for info on almaty. I’m looking to teach English out there and from what I’ve gathered it seems you may be doing that very thing. Can you tell me a few things about Almaty please?

    I’m looking to know as much as possible to see if I will like it. I’m a little worried it might be too dangerous or too cold! Also, there isn’t much info on nightlife, culture or things to do in kazakhstan- help!

    Look forward to hearing back from you,

    Jake W

  2. 2

    kazakhnomad said,

    Jake, seems you are not from the U.S. but maybe from somewhere else looking for adventure in Kazakhstan. It’s packed with amazing Kazakh culture and beautiful scenery once you get outside the big city life of Almaty. The most dangerous thing about that are falling rocks from the mountains as you drive. However, you if you don’t drive then being a pedestrian in the city is the most life threatening because drivers don’t give right of way to those who walk on the sidewalks. You are fair game to hit wherever you are walking. Might be exaggeration but really we feel safe where we live.

    About the cold temperatures, you are asking a Minnesotan. I LOVED it in the winter except for the icy sidewalks. If you are into downhill skiing or x-country skiing, this is the place for you in the wintertime. The best was when my husband and I finished skiing and our hosts had shashlik waiting for us and we picnicked in the snow. I think the summers in Kazakhstan are too hot but that again is because I’m from Minnesota.

    Sorry I can’t write about the nightlife but if you came to Almaty to teach, you can ask our dear students where they go for fun and excitement. Actually, I prefer the students who diligently do their assignments and stay away from the nightclubs and bars. Read my earlier blogs if you are sincerely interested in coming to Kazakhstan to teach. I mostly write about education and my teaching experience at a western-styled university in Almaty. I’m on vacation right now but will pick up where I left off once back in mid-August.

    You won’t regret your decision to come to Central Asia, it is chock full of history that needs to be explored.

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