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Eleven GREAT Kazakhstani students!!!

Kazakhstani students





If you have been following my students’ narrative essays you will have learned more about Kazakhstan’s recent history during the former Soviet Union. They are in reverse order starting on June 28:

 1. “Thirty Minute Shoes in Exchange for a Suit” by Olga – whimsical story about her mother and father’s courtship during the former USSR days.

2. “A Taste of Warmth” by Irina – about her Korean father who was saved from starvation by Kazakhs.


3. “Grandmother is Our Bright Star” by Gulnar – her husbands family were highly regarded in Uzbekistan but they lost much.


4. “Time We Remember” by Yuliya – Her grandmother lived through the starvation period of the 1930s in Kazakhstan.


5. “Strong Belief” by Nurganym – Her father-in-law talks of his family living in China and what happened to their family in Beijing.


6. “Time Will Not Turn Back Again” by Maya – Her family came from Russia to Kazakhstan during the Stolypin reforms.


7. “Shell that Saved Lives” by Dinara – about her grandfather who fought in WWII against the Germans alongside an Uzbek comrade.


8. “Despite Anything” by Yelena – her Korean ancestors and what they endured through the 1930s, ‘40s and ‘50s.


9. “One Tragedy in One Family” by Elvira – Her great grandfather was one of the many victims of Stalin’s purges.


10.  “Kazakh Grandmother” by Kanat – he came from a rich and noble Kazakh family who were dispossessed of their accumulated wealth, his grandmother threw a gold belt into the fire.

11. “Russian Grandmother” by Alexandr – his grandmother came from the Siberian village and survived much hardship and were forced to move to Uzbekistan.

Read these accounts of each student and find out what a rich heritage they have inherited from each of their families.  Imagine what a rich classroom experience I had learning from them in these short narrative essays.  What other stories are being left unwritten?  I want to find out more while their grandparents are still alive to tell their stories.


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