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“One Tragedy in One Family” Elvira’s narrative

 My name is Elvira and Madiyar is my great -grandfather.  I wish to know my great – grandfather. Hard times in the country separated him with his family. There is a big sadness about our family. This tragedy happened during Stalin’s ruling. People were frightened to speak, to work, even to live. Rules were so strict that no one could feel free. Their lives were colourless.  My grandfather’s family had a very difficult time, not because of money or food. Nomads always had cattle to feed and dress their families. Also the main feature of my ancestors was the need to feel free all their life, there is no other way. They worked hard. Because it’s not an easy task to look after many cattle.


As my grandfather told me they lived happily in rather big family (4 children). Thus they lived in harmony with each other and with nature.  Nothing bad seemed to happen.  They say “trouble comes without telling beforehand”. My great-grand father was just not lucky to live in such kind or cruel time. Political rules became so strict and people were very afraid of everything. There was a tendency of writing and telling to governmental institutions different bad things about each other in hopes to earn extra conditions or just because of envy and other feelings.


That happened with my great grandpa. Someone told that he said once some bad things about “Father of the Nation    Stalin. That was a lie but it resulted in his arrest. He was arrested immediately without any explanation.  No one knew where they took him so hard times began. The oldest child (my grandfather) was 12 years old. He had to say good bye to his childhood and become an adult. Child forced to enter into the cruel world of adults. He was the one, who must replace his father’s place with its huge responsibility .Think it was difficult. He was the oldest child and my father is the oldest one, also I am the first child. So I understand him very well. Being oldest makes you to be an example, a good example to the other children.  It is not an easy task. That’s the destiny of firstborns.


A lot of time passed since that tragedy.  My father wanted to find out any information about his grandfather. All he could know about his great- grandfather that he worked in the chemical factory. There was no information about what happened to him. For every family it is important to know this. It is very sad that we can not put flowers on our great grandfather’s grave.


That’s the story about my great-grandfather, whom I wished to know. I’m so sorry that he became the victim of that terrible time and somebody else’s false words. It was an absurd, awful and inhumane situation. My great grandfather was not only the one.  There were thousands of them. Many families had similar tragedies. How terrible that people’s lives were not of any value at that time.  My grandfather was a very strong and wise man to survive and I love and respect him very much. He never showed his sorrow. I remember when he told something about his father he was surprisingly calm. There was no anger in his voice. As a wise man he accepted everything in his life. Hard times and his father’s destiny did not spoil him. All his life he helped everyone and was respectful to them as a man of a word and as a good friend. He died in 2007. There were a lot of people at his funeral. His friends remembered him with love and respect. I miss him very much and regret that I could not hear all his stories.

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