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Grandmother is Our Bright Star, Gulnar’s narrative

I want to tell about the grandmother of my husband. Her name is Munira. Her life was difficult, but she thinks that her life was really good. Every time when I talk to her, I wonder at her firmness of character. She saw loss of close relatives, hunger and war, but she still believes people and God. I hope that my children inherit her nature and become smart, strong and cheerful persons, like their great grandmother.


She was born in Buhara. It is the ancient city in Uzbekistan. Her family was rich and powerful. Her father graduated the Cambridge University and knew seven languages. Her mother was from a rich and respected family too. They had four beautiful daughters.


The father of our grandmother was a famous public figure. He supported Soviet Government and donated all of his wealth to Soviet Government. He believed that Soviet Authority brought an independence of his country. It would be called “Buhar Republic”. But Soviet Authority executed her father. He was 36, when he was killed. Her mother was dispatched to a prison in Siberia. She survived by only one reason. She worked at the kitchen and it saved her life.


When our grandmother remembered about it, I saw tears in her eyes. She is 85 years old now, but she still remembers all the details of this tragedy. She and her sister stayed in a shelter without any supporting.


The little girl could survive. Her mother returned from prison and family started to live in a small house. She was glad every new day, because her mother was alive and returned to home. She was becoming a young beautiful woman.  She was 17, when World War Two started. She started to work as a secretary. War was a difficult time. During that time her family suffered by hunger and poverty. But she was young and merry and believed in the best.


Later she met her future husband. He was a young and brave major. There was a funny situation. When young people met with each other, as a rule they walked in the park. Her fiancée often invited her in restaurant, because he guessed, that she was hungry. But she always refused. Because she was so proud and thought, that it was not suitable behavior for good Muslim girl. She preferred to be suffered by hunger, than lose her dignity. They were married after the war ended. She was a good mother and wife. She had three children. She had many friends of different nationalities and ages.


Our grandmother became my life teacher and gave me a lot of useful and interesting advices. I learned from her, that I should not complain, but seek a decision of difficult situation. Dignity, honesty and industry are attractive features of her personality. I think our grandmother is the bright star in our world.   

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