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Rocks: Dangerous, Jagged, Slippery, Soothing

winding roadmonolithic rockjagged rocksrocks in stream

Driving along this canyon road with the rock mountain on one side and the bubbling stream on the other does not leave too much room for error.  If the oncoming cars don’t get you, an errant thundering rock from above might.  But that’s the risk one takes when you go out in the natural and beautiful countryside of Kazkahstan.  Believe me, it is worth it!  Also, wonderful to go every day to our health club and enjoy the Turkish sauna lying on the soothing slab of stone and smelling the pine scent on our towels.  We could get real used to having a swim everyday after working out in the exercise room.  However, it’s nothing like getting out into the wild where Mother Nature shows off her resplendent beauty with the change of seasons.

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