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Eagle, Horses and Sheep in Kazakhstan

eaglehorsessheepriding horses

Last Saturday’s excursion out of the city and into the wilds of Kazakhstan’s country could have been somewhere in Colorado. In many ways, so similar in appearance.  What a delight to breathe the fresh mountain air and drink straight from the streams (just several degrees above freezing) that’s runoff from the ice capped mountains above.  The life the earlier Kazakh nomads had enjoyed must have been idyllic in many ways to live off the land by sheep herding and gazing at the stars and moon at night.  It also must have been very hard work to keep life and limb together in the cold winter months.  Ah, summertime in Kazakhstan’s outdoors, it is wonderful!!!  The eagle seemed to be enjoying its freedom!

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Wildflowers Unknown to me in Kazakhstan

Queen Anne\'s lacebleeding heartpurple harebellswildrosescloverlupine

I love to try and identify wildflowers but some I’ve never seen before until our Saturday outing into the mountains several hours away from Almaty. Easy to pick out Queen Anne’s lace but with a pink hue. Also, wildroses and clover are ubiquitous the world over but the others have me stumped. One is like a stalky kind of bleeding heart, while another is a strange variation of harebells, I think the yellow are buttercups but I can’t be sure. Finally the purple one that looks like a legume could be a mix of a sweet pea or something else. Wish I had a wildflower book that might help me find out more about flowers native to Kazakhstan.

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