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“Dandy-Lions” are NOT missed, others are!!!

pine treesiriseskilldeer eggs

My Mom is doing a GREAT job in getting me to pine for things at home with her photos she just took of our farmyard.  Such as the discovery made by my Dad of Killdeer eggs right in our gravel driveway by the yardlight.  Or seeing the irises spearing through the black, fertile soil in our garden between the lilacs and pine trees. Or even the fresh limegreen shoots of the pine growth and witnessing the weeping willow tree growing ever taller at our “dacha” back home in flat, northwestern Minnesota. 

If you are a foreigner in a foreign land you long for all those things that are familiar to you while the natives of Kazakhstan can enjoy both job security and seeing their family AND enjoying their own national holidays.  I already missed going to the graveyard(s) with my Mom and Dad to honor our ancestors this past Memorial Day weekend.  Looks like I’ll be absent for our national day of independence (Fourth of July).  Largely due to the fact that I have the privilege of teaching Summer Session One to privileged and wealthy students (Dandy-Lions) of Kazakhstan on how to read and write in English at an academic level.  I don’t miss the dandelions back home but I miss others!

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