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Ten Quotes from “Virtual Classroom” Favoring IT!!!

1) Choosing the job of the teacher, the person “signs the contract” to be an eternal student, so if you want to be on the same wavelength with a new generation, the teachers have to get the latest knowledge. Today, the applied (or probably basic) skills and knowledge of any subject is IT [Instructional Technology].



2) “keep practicing as “practice makes perfect” and I really believe that  my future students will benefit more if I’m equipped with IT knowledge and willing to share it with them.     


3) Very useful, interesting web-sites which I have never heard about before.

I have looked through only some of them, but …. a lot of positive emotions and impressions. 


4) I think that more information about IT, more practice and help from specialists can help me to improve my learning for tomorrow. The informational technologies are developing and updating every day. And the possibilities which they can provide us with in the process of learning and teaching are unlimited. That’s why it is obligatory to be not behind the time and the time demands from us to be information literate. And so computers can lead us further and help to keep pace with the development.  I’m sure that learning more on computers will be important for my future students, because computers, especially internet, can make a great contribution into long, amazing and challenging process of learning and IT can make this process really exciting.   


5) The Dave Sperling’s Cafe was the most exciting thing for me today, because I have not visited this site before.  It was a bit frustrating (but mostly it was funny, not frustrating) to get a low grade for typing test. 


6) Everything is computerized now and we can get a lot of benefits from using IT, as a result our students can learn more from us.


7) The only way to improve is MORE PRACTICE!!!  Computer literacy is ABSOLUTELY necessary if one wants to use electronic sources that can provide loads of helpful information, process it, store it and use it in class.


 8 )  Why is learning more on computers important? It is an essential tool for all spheres of human life, and more precisely for teaching: wider scope of resources, many ways of improving certain skills, accelerates processes, time-saving, etc., etc.  I also see important that students see I handle this tool, nowadays it is essential in any professional sphere. It also creates empathy: they see you updated, belonging to their reality.


9) The more students know about computers, the higher their points are, consequently, after graduation, the larger their contribution into the Kazakhstani economy is, as a result,  the more proud of them I will be,   ….


10) Learning on computers can take less time, create students’ own knowledge, push for research, help to find references and easy to find materials.

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