Artist Nelly Bube Paintings (Part III)

Mustard seedlight of the worldrich foolwine skin

These four photos I picked off the Internet and will be the last of the series on the famous artist Nelly Bube.  Chances are fairly good that I’ll soon meet Nelly Bube who lives in Almaty since she knows many of the same people I know.  I just got an e-mail from an American friend of mine who wrote the following:

Odd you should mention Nelle.  I spoke with her on the phone just this morning.  This year, I and another will be celebrating 20 years with our company, and Nelle has agreed to do an A3 framed reproduction of one of her works for each of us as an award that we’ll give out at our awards ceremony on May 24. I have chosen “Light of the World,” and my colleague, “Mustard Seed,” for our awards.  I am excited that soon, in my living room, there will be a Bube reproduction– I love her work!!!

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    Trying to help pastors and worship committees, I have a website, CHURCH PowerPoint that offers without charge Powerpoint images that relate to each Sunday’s scripture reading. This is my ministry as a retired United Methodist pastor. When I saw your paintings of the sower on Google, I thought how perfect they would be for the second sunday in July’s reading. I only allow the images to be used via projector in a church service. Would it be possible to use your paintings? I would list you among the credits.
    If you would please let me know as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated. Contact me if you have any questions. The website is

  2. 2

    kazakhnomad said,

    I’m sure the Russian-German artist, Nelly Bube, would NOT mind that you use her images for your purpose with your Powerpoint ministry. By birth, Nelly is a Kazakhstani.

    I would think that as long as you give Nelly proper credit, it should be a GREAT promotion for her skill as an artist. She seems to have captured a very vibrant mood that tells the New Testament stories. I think she would be thrilled, I’m glad you are taken with them as I am. I hope to meet her soon, she is friends with some of my American friends.

  3. 4

    Tony Brennan said,

    I’m also seeking a contact for Nelle Bube in order to seek permission to use one of her images ‘Wine Skins’ for a Christian education conference in Tasmanian Australia. I’ll certainly credit the artist but is there anyway I contact her to seek direct permission?- Tony

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      kazaknomad said,

      Tony, I’m not sure that Nelle Bube knows English but I have some Am. friends living in Istanbul that might have some contacts with her. Otherwise, I may ask some other friends now living in California if they have kept up their contact with Nelle. She helped illustrate their Kazakh proverb book which was written in Kazakh.

      • 6

        Tony Brennan said,

        Thanks Kazaknomad for asking after her. I’ve used her image as the core image of a Conference here in Tasmania Australia and would like to thank her and make some payment for her gifts.

      • 7

        kazaknomad said,

        As long as Nelly Bube got the credit it should be fine. I don’t know how you would get payment to her. Someone high up in government might know of her whereabouts since her art has been used and featured in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan.

  4. 8

    D. Pate said,

    Just discovered her wonderful work. I have taken the liberty to incorporate one piece into a teaching on Luke 18. Assuming your previous responses have represented her will I went ahead and used it, absolutely giving her credit for the piece. She has my thanks… and prayers for her blessing!

  5. 9

    D. Pate said,

    I’m sorry… You asked for a website and I neglected to type it in. (It reveals my heart for sharing Heaven’s giftings and not expecting anyone to pay me for doing it… Like you shared that Nelly might appreciate.) –

  6. 10

    Alan Bills said,

    how can i contact Nelly Bube

  7. 11

    Alan Bills said,

    Where can i buy original art work by Nelly Bube

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