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Artist Nelly Bube Paintings (Part II)

Good Samaritanheaven and hellwoman with peacockcamel

How I would LOVE to meet this artist named Nelly Bube who is German-Russian and was married to a Kazakh artist.  She went through a dark period in her life and once she became a Christian, all her paintings started to take on bright, hopeful colors.  She is well known in Kazakhstan for her artwork which has been used up in the capital of Kazakhstan, Astana even though she is not Kazakh herself.  She is a Kazakhstani by birth.

Instead of reading War and Peace, I’m reading President Nazarbayev’s latest book just out titled The Kazakhstan Way.  He has much to write about Kazakhstan’s economics and very little to say about its religion.  In future blog postings, I will be writing quotes from this book which promotes Margaret Thatcher’s words in a foreword published in London by Stacey International.

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