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Expelled: Enemy of the People

In his book, The Silent Steppe, Mukhamet Shayakhmetov explains how he was able to embrace his communist-indoctrinated education in the late 1930s despite having been a victim of its ideology.  He will be forever thankful to his primary school teacher who gave him a chance at education despite the fact that his family had been labeled “Enemy of the People.”  Several more quotes from Shayakhmetov’s book and I will put it to rest.  Now in movie theaters near those in the U.S. is a new movie Ben Stein produced titled “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.”  Someone I know from Ukraine sent me his take on it and he can hardly wait to get back to the U.S. to see this “blockbuster” movie.


p. 251 Like so many others, I saw no contradiction in working within the system which had persecuted my family, choosing to believe that our sufferings were attributable to unscrupulous individuals, beginning with Stalin’s Soviet Party chief in Kazakhstan, Feodor Goloshchekin, and then the underlings down the scale, rather than Stalin himself and the ruthlessness of the ideology he worked to or the true nature of this personal tyranny…However evil the practice of the system, which led to mass destruction for the Kazakhs, I neither fostered nor harbored hostility for the system itself.  Indeed, I clung to its merits.  Education in a Marxist-Leninist frame was in significant measure education, and for that I was thankful.


I know that but for the perceptive and kindhearted mentor, I would never have got it or been able to complete my secondary education; and I have recalled Semion Akimovich’s kindness and generosity of spirit every day of my life since.


p. 255 Soviet historians used to contend that all the campaigns the Russian armed forces ever engaged in were conducted out of necessity, to defend the country against aggressors who were continuously attempting to capture its riches and threatening its independence: according to them, Russia was always a peaceloving power and had not once started a war.  The Soviet Government used the same cliché to justify its actions in Ukraine and Belorussia, claiming that it had extended a brotherly hand to save them from being enslaved by the German capitalist forces.  Most of us fell for all of this.



Expelled” Being expelled?  Well, you can be certain that the latest documentary, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”, has no more hit the theaters, some 1,000 of them nationwide, than the attacks against it have ratcheted up…This documentary which exposes the extreme liberal and atheistic bias of American education against academic openness and freedom in the scientific field, developed and produced by a very famous man who is not even a professing Christian but rather a Jew, has received strong endorsement by some of America’s most well known educators, scientists, and Christian leaders.  It is a glaring expose’ of how American academia has systematically stifled even the slightest discussion of the possibility that man came into existence through some form of intelligent design instead of a “big bang” that developed over millions of years from a tiny glob of something in a swamp into a technical marvel called man with an intelligence so advanced that one single brain cell can process three trillion bits of information per second. The main website for “Expelled” is this link



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