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Little Girl in Pink

little girl in pink

I’m not sure what this Little Girl in Pink life’s mission was in pulling up weeds or dandelions along the side of our building, but I took a photo of her. I thought she was cute. Little did I know that once my camera flashed, she would give me a blazing scowl.  She stood up straight and tall looking mad while I weakly said something like “moshna?” or “haroshow?” (possible or good?) However, I knew that I best move on and I marvelled that a bit of the Soviet mentality resided in one so young.

I remember when I was in Moscow in 1976, our tour group from the bus was taking pictures of a cute little boy on his tricycle next to his babushka (grandma).  Our Russian guide quickly admonished us that we should NOT take these photos of him, he will think he is special.  (Of course, every person under communism was supposed to be the same.)  Made us wary not to take photos of adorable Russian kids in eyeshot of our communist indoctrinated translator.  Not sure what triggered the unhappy face of the little girl I took a picture of the other day, but if looks could kill, I’d be dead.

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