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Yes, Oopsy Tulips and Icicles!!!

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Ken’s colleague told us last night that his fruit trees were all lost with the frost that hit 5 degrees below zero Centigrade.  He owns a house close to the Kyrgyz consulate where his wife had valiantly tried to save some of the flowers by covering them but they didn’t survive either.  I’ll see how the tulips look today when I go out for a walk now that the sun is out with a clear blue sky.  Perhaps the icicles I saw yesterday morning will be the last I’ll see until next year.  Everyone seemed shocked by the cold wave that hit Almaty but admittedly we had been experiencing a pre-mature warm spring.  Too bad the tulips and fruit trees were the most devastated by this recent freeze, we just put on warmer clothes and added extra blankets.  Soon we shall see the roses blooming but for now the lilac blossoms seemed to survive on our campus.

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