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Our Backyard, Their Tulips, Someone’s Kids

someone\'s kidstheir tulipsour backyard

Yesterday was a mixed bag but ended with a clear, star lit sky and sliver of a moon.  The mountains were beautiful in the morning, the tulips are making their spring-welcome appearance and I caught a candid shot of two kids while sipping coffee outdoors with a friend.  We met Ken’s daughter’s boss from AZ at a Chinese restaurant, this was after I showed the first half of “Seabiscuit” to my English Club class.  Before that I had gone to the Green Market to show my friend the Second Hand stores.  The usual day at the office included going to the Computer Lab to help a class with keyword searches and working bibliographies and then later a HUGE staff meeting for our Language Center.  All in all it was a good day because I feel like my shining best was getting a Kodak moment with someone else’s kids. 8)

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