His Excellency Nazarbayev on Our Campus

old friendsNazarbayev on campusTwo Presidents inside new buildingPresident Nazarbayev with studentsTwo friends from way back

President Nazarbayev visited our campus the same day the Olympic Torch was running through Almaty.  A high point for the select few was to usher His Excellency into the new building that was just finished.  Just yesterday I went to a faculty meeting in one of the three halls and the acoustics were very good.  Wonderful to have this new building on our campus which will help facilitate scheduling of classes for fall semester.  All seems bright and cheery on the outside though you wouldn’t know that if you were listening in on the statements and comments made at the faculty meeting.  Many valid points were made.

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  1. 1

    Signe said,

    Are the guys in dark glasses security, like Secret S ervice?

  2. 2

    kazaknomad said,

    I expect those guys are Nazarbayev’s entourage of Secret Service and they use glasses so you can’t see where their eyes are looking. Those eyes must dart around with great speed, looking for any hidden sniper who might be hiding away on roofs of buildings. Very tight security, everywhere. Since these are photos I took off our university website, whomever took them merely wanted them to be used for PR purposes. SS men don’t need or want to be identified, thus the shades.

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