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Backside of Kazakhstan

red cable carKazakh coatThese photos from Sunday’s excursion up to Koke Tobe will be the last for a while.  What a wonderful time of sun and relaxation before this heavy duty week back to work.  Even much more pressures are in store for all of us next week.  I’ll get into that later.  For now, you are looking at the backside of Kazakhstan.  Admittedly yesterday’s blog photos were not so flattering.  Next time I want to walk up to Koke Tobe like I used to do 15 years ago and then I will see some really ostentatious mansions that weren’t there that long ago.  Neither were all the tall skyscrapers that we saw from our vantage point looking west. Times are a’changing for Kazakhstan, hopefully they won’t look so backwards from the rest of the world’s perspective in the years to come.  The Kazakhs need to learn how to write their OWN stories (in English and Kazakh) but that is another discussion for a future blog.

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