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Happy Easter and Koke Tobe Cable Car

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Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day for our Easter celebration at church but better yet after a cable car ride to the top of (Koke Tobe) Blue Hill mountain.  For six months I have wanted to compare what I remembered it from 15 years ago when I was a TEFL Peace Corps trainer.  Often we, as trainers, would leave our training site to walk the serpentine, dusty road to get to the top.  The cable car was not functioning back then and everything was in very sad disrepair.  However, yesterday it was a delight to see the young girls dancing, the children’s playground, the zoo and many happy people milling about. 

The Narooz festive air crackled with different kinds of folk music along with contemporary western music.  Funny to see the Beatles statues which Ken sat next to all the while claiming he had taught them everything they knew.  I had heard at the Narooz party I attended the other day that there was a Kazakh group who patterned their singing and songs after the Beatles, consequently they were outlawed in the Soviet Union.  That, of course, only increased their popularity and so they were a simultaneous phenomenon in Kazakhstan while the Beatles were making headlines internationally.  I need to find out more about this group who popularized Kazakh music set to the beat of the Beatles.  Help me out, native speakers of Kazakh, please.

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