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“Naroozing” at Nazym’s place

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Narooz, is a Persian holiday, as I understand it and not strictly Muslim but it has that element to it too.  It is the LAST of the New Year’s celebrations starting with our western one on January 1 and then there is the Chinese new year in the middle and all the other celebrations which bring in the new year according to all the different cultural traditions.  Let’s just say Narooz is as eclectic as Kazakhstan is, from the toasting that had a certain protocol of each guest giving a short speech with well wishing. First we had sampled the camel’s milk and mare’s milk (koomis) then the singing of a Kazakh song to a funny joke told by Zaira, to the very end gift giving by the hostess Nazym.  We were hosted by Nazym and her husband who had newly remonted (remodeled) their spacious flat.  Nazym’s sister-in-law had helped with the preparation of the many dishes, Greek salad, soup with potato and egg, deep fat fried bread, horse meat and finally monti (lamb’s meat in a dumpling).  Vegetarians would have had a tough time at this lavishly spread out table. 

We ended with sweets that were homemade and delicious and of course the obligatory tea from the samavor at the end of the table by the host and hostess.  Going out into the street there were happy celebrants walking everywhere with the festive mood in high gear by the sound of the music.  A good time was had by all except my dear Ken who was slaving away in his office so that he might celebrate our Easter celebration in good form today.  Happy Narooz and Happy Easter!!!

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