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My Old Teacher’s Story about Dec. 16, 1986

I want to tell a story of my Old teacher.  Now she is a teacher in my previous school.  She told us about the December 16 events [1986].  She was younger and had 2 sons, but one of them was a student and went to that demonstration.  When she realized that she went to the square that is Astana Square and tried to find her son, there were crowds of people, students, police and everything was in the mess.  She asked other students about her son, but nobody knew where he was. 

At that same time police was trying to calm down, to get these people away.  But it wasn’t easy, that’s why they used water shower (I don’t know how it would sound in English) and sticks and one of such kinds of things bitted out teacher on the head, and since that time she had many problems with her health.  Somebody helped her and after that it turned out that her son wasn’t there he was taken by police with other students to the countryside but nothing bad or…. Happened and they were allowed to go home.  That was really hard time while some people went especially to the demonstration, others was also arrested by police (just simple passerbyers)

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