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Powerful Cars versus Careless Pedestrian

busy Almaty intersectionParliment buildingToday I was honked at by a driver as he was making a left and I was crossing the big intersection.  I was walking on the red light so I was in the wrong, the driver was correct in admonishing me.  I don’t usually go out in the middle of the intersection until I see green and had even watched another young man before me go through as a nonchalant pedestrian on a RED light.  Already a long day could have been made much longer if I had been hit by the oncoming car.  The driver’s angry look and his blast on the horn jolted me to realize I was fortunate that he was aware of my presence. 

However, too often cars are showing off their power and typically don’t stop when we are legitimately crossing at pedestrian crosswalks.  We, as walkers, are powerless against their four wheels.  The other day I walked past a formidable looking government building where they used to make traffic laws for the country until the whole national government picked up and moved to Astana in the northern regions of Kazakhstan.  How many people lose their lives due to negligence on both sides, drivers and walkers.  In any case, whatever snow we got in big fluffy billows of white has now mostly melted down and thankfully the sidewalks are clearing.  If the cars don’t run you over, the “black ice” will get you at sundown.

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