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Under the Snow and “Under the Leaves”

Presidents PalaceThe following poem would be more appropriate in the spring yet we are still into winter in Almaty which makes it much more hopeful in Kazakhstan than in northwest Minnesota where the temps have been hovering way below freezing (-20 and -30) for several weeks.  So glad to be where it is warmer and today it is a clear enough sky to see the valley below and the pristine mountains above us.  Though it looks cold and forbidding, there is hope buried in my heart that we will see green leaves again, soon!!!
Thy Hidden Ones

Thick green leaves from the soft brown earth,
Happy springtime hath called them forth;
First faint promise of summer bloom
Breathes from the fragrant, sweet perfume,
Under the leaves.

Lift them! what marvelous beauty lies
Hidden beneath, from our thoughtless eyes!
Mayflowers, rosy or purest white,
Lift their cups to the sudden light,
Under the leaves.

Are there no lives whose holy deeds–
Seen by no eye save His who reads
Motive and action–in silence grow
Into rare beauty, and bud and blow
Under the leaves?

Fair white flowers of faith and trust,
Springing from spirits bruised and crushed;
Blossoms of love, rose-tinted and bright,
Touched and painted with Heaven’s own light
Under the leaves.

Full fresh clusters of duty borne,
Fairest of all in that shadow grown;
Wondrous the fragrance that sweet and rare
Comes from the flower-cups hidden there
Under the leaves.

Though unseen by our vision dim,
Bud and blossom are known to Him;
Wait we content for His heavenly ray–
Wait till our Master Himself one day
Lifteth the leaves.

PS. 83 is what the author of this poem reflected on, fits our situation in Kazakhstan.

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