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Marshmellow World of Almaty

Walking path

Kazakh flaglittle man, big walk

Walking to my ultrasound treatment yesterday morning was pure delight!  A marshmellow world indeed where I had to duck low below the heavily laden branches on some of my walking paths.  My favorite photo is the path just west of the President’s Palace where a man was walking downhill from me, he is a speck of black in the wide walking path.  The day before it had been raining and walking to the clinic meant walking far away from the cars splashing up water that collected in puddles.  The beauty of yesterday also meant later in the afternoon when it was melting to be careful of the icy sidewalks, especially at sundown.  I minced along home walking uphill and was careful to NOT slip or slide on the compacted snow.  Beauty is indeed fleeting and can turn dangerous within hours.  I domarshmellow worldn’t even want to know how many accidents happened in Almaty with the roncoming cars in Almatyoads being plugged up with snow and pedestrians doing their customary daredevil jaywalking to stand in the middle of four lanes of traffic.  The good news is that I don’t have to do my ultrasound treatments anymore!!!

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