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Coast is clear – X-ray!!!

No damage to my foot but the technician said I have edema so must have ultrasound treatment for TWO weeks, that will supposedly speed up the healing.  The most painful part of yesterday’s visit to the clinic was the WAIT for over two hours just to get this good report.  First come, first served and I could see why there was a line up in the waiting room because the technician who pushed the buttons behind the glass was so precise in placing my foot just right on the film casing. The older woman before me had fudged hers up so they had to painstakingly set her up again.  So much else I could write about my three hour ordeal but suffice it to say, one should NEVER get hurt or sick in Kazakhstan.  Brilliant deduction but it is worth noting that if you do either of those two you had better have lots of time to get fixed up again. 

Time is what I don’t have today, my teaching schedule on Tuesdays are the worst.  I have two listening speaking classes to teach, meetings on either side of those 70 minute classes, then I teach another one hour class at World Exchange and then a 3 hour class with my TOEFL students.  Tomorrow morning I will start my ultrasound treatment which is a 15 minute walk away, to be done daily for two weeks.  Mama Mia!!!  I must be careful of the black ice while walking to and from this other clinic or I might sprain the other foot.  Such is life in Kazakhtan!!!

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