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“Mind the [Generation] Gap!”

I cancelled one big event from my schedule tonight so that gives me extra time and I WILL go and get an x-ray of my foot done today.  I discovered last night that I have entered into the generation gap along with the cultural barrier and language gap of not knowing Russian in this Kazakh culture.  The Kazakh students in preparation of tonight’s program were into Timberlake and Aerosmith songs, I was ready to show America with singing “Take me out to the Ballgame” and “This Land is Your Land.”  How painful to admit that you are not quite “with it” when it comes to the energy and zest of youth along with their desires to follow American pop culture.  However, I take solace in this poem that I took from the classic “Streams in the Desert.”

“They tell me I must bruise

The rose’s leaf,

Ere I can keep and use

Its fragrance brief. 

They tell me I must break

The skylark’s heart,

Ere her cage song will make

The silence start. 

They tell me love must bleed,

And friendship weep,

Ere in my deepest need

I touch that deep. 

Must it be always so

With precious things?

Must they be bruised and go

With beaten wings? 

Ah yes! By crushing days,

By caging nights, by scar

Of thorn and stony ways,

These blessings are!”

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