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“If Band-AGE is Absent…”

Almost a month ago, on January 22, I wanted to get my exercise with an aerobic class joining a friend of mine who has taught this class for years.  I didn’t know the location at the complex and was running late so I finally showed up huffing and puffing.  I had already gotten my exercise just with my 15 minute walk to the bus and then walking another 5 minutes from the bus to the place where I was to get physically fit.  After replacing my boots with my brand new Saucony shoes, I was ready to run in place with the best of them.  However, I noticed I was on the wrong foot so I quickly tried to make amends.  I attempted to switch feet to be in time with the music and look the same in the mirrors with the other aerobic participants.  WHAM! 

Next thing I knew I was on the floor, not running in place anymore.  So much for warm up, so much for my new year’s resolution of taking off pounds sensible by exercising on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  To walk on the sidewalks of Almaty in the winter is out of the question with caked down snow that turns into slippery ice. 

I immediately knew I had sprained my ankle and so the logical thing was to fill a bag full of snow and watch the rest of the aerobics class jump around until the last beats were played out on the cd player.  I hobbled home and elevated and iced my left foot but had a rigorous schedule of interviewing IREX candidates for the next four days.  The hardest part of this sprain was every morning when getting my winter boot on because of the swelling.  Those boots stayed on the whole day, but I had it elevated for the most part.   

Finally, on Valentines Day, I allowed Ken to take me to the doctor at our university and the doctor pinched and poked at my foot, it was not painful on the external.  However, she was starting to make it feel painful with her firm pokes.  No, there is something internal that is wrong, especially when I walk too much.  Yesterday, I went to get my foot ultrasound and I knew I was in trouble when the technician didn’t know how to spell my name on the computerized document that would identify my foot.  She would type in “ai” instead of “y” and then she would type “aiai” instead of “y.”  A distinct communication gap. It crossed my mind, “And this woman is supposed to figure out what is wrong with my foot, she doesn’t even know how to spell?”  As she finally put the ultrasound wand against my foot, she matter-of-factly stated that she saw a “lake of blood.” I think she meant “pool” instead since I didn’t think it looked THAT big on the ultrasound. 

She spoke in Russian to another technician and his grasp of English was more precise, hers was good but haphazard.  I knew this when she was writing up my prescription of ointment and Ace bandage to buy.  She said, “if the bandage is absent, then go to the other Apteka [pharmacy].”  I knew what she meant, if the particular bandage didn’t exist, then try another place but it was that kind of communication that was going on throughout our ½ hour consultation with her.  She wanted me to get an x-ray at a NEW location on Monday and then to go and consult with her that afternoon.  Monday and Tuesday happen to be my busiest days.  I think I’ll re-think that scheduling snafu and go when *I* can make it, like Wednesday.  I have waited a month to find out that I have something internal going on. The pain that exists is dull but sporadically consistent so it DOES need to be checked out and will take some time to heal. 

I have gone to Ps. 51:8 more than once to figure out what else needs to heal as David so ably penned:  “Make me to hear joy and gladness. That the bones which You have broken may rejoice.”

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