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Happy St. Valentine’s Day in former Soviet Union!!!

servers at cafeteriaKen and serverValentine graffittiNotice the graffitti on the next building over from our aparment, wondering if Anar loves the author with the red spray paint???  Busy day today where I’ll have to help Ken, my favorite valentine, proctor a quiz for around 80 students in a big hall.  (This photo is taken with his favorite cook at the student cafeteria) Then I’ll go to my office cubicle and read and surf the Net.  Later I’ll have English Club where I will show a 10 minute movie called “Mutual Love Life” and show the first part of Pink Panther starring Steve Martin.  Should be a fun time tonight with 20 eager language learners.

So, I’m including a quote from C.S. Lewis from Mere Christianity from “Dogma and the Universe” that I particularly like since I’m living in the former Soviet Union.  “It is not Christianity which need fear the giant universe.  It is those systems which place the whole meaning of existence in biological or social evolution on our own planet.  It is the creative evolutionist…or the Communist, who should tremble when he looks up at the night sky.  For he really is committed to a sinking ship.  He really is attempting to ignore the discovered nature of things, as though by concentrating on the possibly upward trend in a single planet he could make himself forget the inevitable downward trend in the universe as a whole, the trend to low temperatures and irrevocable disorganization.”

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