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Photos of Evening Gown and Eagle Cake

Eagle cakeEvening gownPhotos of sister and brother and their big weekend will be the last I’ll show for a while of this special family.  When I first saw my niece in the evening gown, I honestly did not recognize her.  Amazing what curls, makeup, a smile and a $1,000 evening gown will do for one!  Actually they just rented it for the evening for $50 but you get the idea, she IS a knockout.  My little niece.  My “little” nephew, Elan, isn’t so little anymore, he is an Eagle Scout and has many symbols on his banner. Elan had to work hard to earn each one, some of those I recognize is a lifesaver ring, weather vane, skiing, hunting with bow and arrow, swimming, etc. Of course, the cake to help celebrate had an eagle on it. Congratulations to both of them!!!

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