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“Max” and “Space Available”

Nineteen Kazakh students showed up to watch two short Damah film clips, “Max” and “Space Available.”  They left after an hour of watching both movies twice saying that it was “heavy.”  That it was, I told them that “Space Available” made me cry the three times I had previewed it.  So, they were forewarned.   

Fortunately, the students had seen “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” last week so maybe that was why we had so many more show for the two clips. After showing Max, I asked them if they knew anyone who was as rude as he was.  They had laughed at the appropriate funny places of a angry business man named Max who was followed by a fuzzy, stuffed bunny rabbit every time he hurt people.  One of his business associates had the guts to tell Max that he was a fool and to ask him, “Do you realize how many people you have hurt or maimed in a lifetime?”  Then he emphatically told Max, “You hurt people Max, all the time, don’t you have any shame at all?”  To which Max responded that he didn’t have shame and told his friend to shut up.  One funny scene is when Max turns around to talk to the stuffed rabbit and told him he is ashamed of nothing and to go to hell.  The bunny disappeared.   

Max was angry with his neighbors and one particular older woman had warned him, “I’d watch where I was going, if I were you.”  This same woman he sees again and she said devilish like, “I told you to watch where you’re going.”  The last thing we hear from Max is Wait!” and he is surrounded by a whole room full of stuffed rabbits.  Did he have one more chance to repent or was this Max’ hell?  The movie ended with Proverbs 12:16, “A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult.” 

“Space Available” was about a young, Christian woman named Isabelle who was pregnant and working as a housekeeper in a hotel.  This was the year 2025 and she had to sign an “Infant Termination Contract” in order to get proper medical care.  The following words are what I was able to copy down which was in that contract Isabelle had to sign:

I hereby agree to permit the termination of the life of the baby by an agent of the Official Population Control Authority…within 60 second or thereafter if there is no space available in my region.I understand that such birth and termination will take place in a registered medical facility and be performed in a prompt and humane manner as mandated by federal law…I have one, single chance at offspring and no further pregnancies by me will be authorized…I also understand that failure to register a pregnancy is a felony and subject to imprisonment of no less than 10 years and no more than 20.  I also understand that the right to live is forfeited immediately upon…discovery – terminated by some humane procedure.”

You can imagine the drama at the time of delivery of Isabelle’s son, but I won’t spoil it for you, you will have to watch it yourself by going to Damah films, Vol. 4.  That is why the students who left the other night said they had much to think about on such a heavy topic.  I pray for their hearts and minds to be ready for the good news. 

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