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“End of the Spear” and “Apocolypto”

Ken and I watched Mel Gibson’s Apocolypto last night about Mayan culture and how the indigenous people fought with each other while surviving in the jungle.  Brutal, savage and bloody hardly describe what the movie portrayed though there was a redeemably good story line.  It was about how a father who had been captured by a warring tribe escapes his captors against many and all odds to rescue his wife and child he left behind in their village.  It at once reminded me of a combination of End of the Spear and also The Gods Must be Crazy II.  The gore and blood Mel Gibson is known for in his movies also reminded me of The Passion of Jesus Christ which I’ve watched twice but will not watch again.  The second time, I cried as if I had been at the foot of the cross. I don’t know that anyone who really was there at the actual crucifixion would want to relive that moment again.  Those who DID watch Jesus die also saw His resurrected body later.  (I await that day when I go to glory.)

So, Mel’s version showed just how warring and brutal the savages really were in the jungle.  This sounds a resounding chord with me since I believe man is basically evil.  However, what most non-Christians would have us believe instead is the Mayan natives were peacably minding their own business until white man came along.  No, Mel makes it abundantly clear that violence, demon possession and curses were the everyday fare for these tribes.  The only love portrayed was within families (for father to son or for husband towards his family). Vengeance was meted out through physical violence to even the scores between enemy tribes.

If you have ever watched End of the Spear, that movie shows how there used to be very few grandfathers who enjoyed their grandchildren because the warriors were so often killed in combat.  Before the missionaries like Nate Saint and Jim Elliot came along, these tribesmen never lived long enough to see their younger family members grow up.  Thus, the wisdom of “violence doesn’t pay” was never handed down.  A vicious cycle.  Currently I’m reading “Sons of the Steppe” by Hans Baumann which is about the grandchildren of Genghis Khan and how his legendary Mongol empire was overcome.

I am so glad I serve a risen Savior who has overcome the world. (John 16:33)

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