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Scraping the Sky of Almaty

3 on peak of scraperAlmaty skyscraper2008 signDostyk streetAlmaty billboardEl Farabi street

Not unlike China in this climactic year of 2008, Kazakhstan is making great strides forward in building up their cities, especially Almaty.  The first photo shows three men on a ladder bravely making a peak on a skyscraper.  The second photo shows the building complex I witness every day from my office window, cranes are everywhere.  The next photo is at the intersection of Dostyk street, that means “friendship.”  The last two photos show the many billboards advertising “Almaty,” this is along El Farabi street.  I believe the name of some fallen Kazakh hero.  Much to learn about Kazakhstan’s past and if you just look at a map of Almaty and the street names alone, you would know who are those Kazakhs who are still remembered and revered.

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