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Memorable Walk on “Slidewalks” and Icicles

slide walkmetal barriers and slidewalkmore iciclesiciclessoccer fieldJack Frostabandoned buildingold foundation

A week ago, Ken coined the phrase “slidewalks” while we were slipping on the lunar surface of caked down snow turned to ice.  I thought it was a brilliant term to explain what it is like to walk along the sidewalks of Almaty.  Because all streets have an uphill or downhill to them, it makes for precarious navigation.  Yesterday was a beautiful “spring-like” day, two photos show “killer icicles” on the roofs above.  A walker is not only imperiled by errant, fast moving cars but by slippery sidewalks below and icicles above. However, I just had to get outside from being entombed in our Jack Frost flat and the other photos are what I saw on my memorable walk.  

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