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“None can give to another…”

I stand corrected about changing temps from Celsius to Fahrenheit by a blog reader from the Philippines (I spent two years 1981-83 close to Kalibo, Aklan as a Peace Corps Volunteer)  He wrote the following:  9°F = -12.8°C; -16°C = 3.2°F.  To change °F to °C: (°F – 32) x 5/9; to change °C to °F: (°C x 9/5) + 32; don’t forget the 32. Turns out the other day was COLDER in Almaty than I thought!!!  Thanks for the correction. 

I liked the following quote by C.S. Lewis about Christian education in schools.  “If the younger generation have never been told what the Christians say and never heard any arguments in defence of it, then their agnosticism or indifference is fully explained.  There is no need to look any further: no need to talk about the general intellectual climate of the age, the influence of mechanistic civilization on the character of urban life.  And having discovered that the cause of their ignorance is lack of instruction, we have also discovered the remedy.  There is nothing in the nature of the younger generation which incapacitates them for receiving Christianity.  If any one is prepared to tell them, they are apparently ready to hear…The young people are un-Christian because their teachers have been either unwilling or unable to transmit Christianity to them…None can give to another what he does not possess himself.”


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