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Resolutions and Adoptions

Brian from Chinasister and familyauntie with nephew

Happy New Year!  I’m happy that I was able to spend time with my family during this winter break vacation.  My husband is bravely staying put in Almaty to clear up on his bronchitis and prepare for the next grueling semester of teaching.  I bought my one way ticket back to Kazakhstan today and hopefully will have a more permanent teaching job in Almaty once I arrive.  These things take time, especially with the paperwork involved with WORK PERMITS! 

Speaking of paperwork, I was so happy to meet little Brian this past weekend when I was in the Twin Cities.  My friend, her husband and two boys have been back a month from their 10 day odyssey in China while they completed their adoption papers for Brian.  He is a five year old albino Chinese boy, his hair is pure white and feels very course.  Brian seems a happy child and his two new brothers seem eager to include him in their family.  Now I am waiting to get word from my friend Linda who is currently in Ukraine after her husband returned to New York, they plan to adopt THREE boys, two are brothers.  Mama mia, they are in for a ride.

I resolve to pray for these families who open up their hearts and homes to those children who have been cast off.  My little nephew Misha, from Russia, seems to be flourishing in his English and being a part of his family with my sister and her family.  Who knows, maybe they will adopt a little girl next.  Now THAT would be fun to be an auntie again.  So far I have eight nieces and nephews!

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