“Democracy” in Kyrgyzstan – Part II

The gap in Kyrgyzstan widens between the former socialist, totalitarian system that had a stronghold for 70 years versus the democratic, political system and market economy of the industrialized countries. One 34 year old married male felt sure that “the developed countries have reached more prosperity due to keeping the democratic values, human rights and promoting market economy [while] the socialist countries disappeared due to substantial abuses of human rights, repression of people and recession of democracy.”  This same man admitted that “fraud and falsification of election processes exist in Kyrgyzstan” while the government officials are sunken in bribery and nepotism. 

A 39 year old single female from Tokmak, K. had her own ideas as an educator about where democracy starts, she believes it begins at school.  She wrote: “My motto is freedom but responsibility. Democracy is not a beautiful word that allows you to do whatever you like.  So I’m a guide that should bring democracy to education…teacher’s main goal is to change people’s attitude to children, as society will not change until individual attitude changes.”  Another 29 y.o. married male from Osh said that all of the CARs countries are “trying to recover after a long period of totalitarian system, yet experience difficulties in adapting to democratic changes, as many still think in an “old” way.” 

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