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Who Got the Credit???

Jeanne Assam is my hero because she gave God the credit for taking down the recent killer in Colorado.  She was trained as a police officer and her beat used to be in Minneapolis.  Her instincts on how to handle the mayhem on Sunday were sharpened after a three day fast she was on.  After the deafening sound of the initial gunfire subsided, she admitted it was her, the gunman and God.  I watched the whole interview she gave on ABC News to the room full of reporters.  Ms. Assam had the toughened look of a trained police officer and yet was very attractive as a young, single woman.  She would not reveal her age but said whimsically that she was looking for the man God had saved out for her.  

I’ve been to New Life Church in Colorado Springs a couple of times in the past years and know people who attend there.  It was easy for me to imagine the scenario that left several dead in the parking lot.  However, because of what Jeanne did of engaging the gunman, she actually saved the lives of 50-100 people who would have been trapped in the sanctuary.  I also know the area of Inglewood, CO, a suburb in Denver where the madman had killed the day before, because Ken has relatives who live there.  This area is also close to where the tragic Columbine shootings happened almost a decade ago.  We visit Ken’s extended family every time we are in the Denver area, so I’m aware of both places of the latest tragedies.

Perhaps the reason the new senior pastor at New Life church wanted Jeanne Assam to talk, (even though this crime scene is still under criminal investigation), is because she was prepared for such a moment as this.  No different than Queen Esther who prayed and fasted before she might have been killed by the Persian king or the man who was maneuvering to destroy her Jewish race.  Clearly God gets the credit and the victory for what our news media was allowed to broadcast about the Colorado events. I just wonder how much of Jeanne’s testimony will reach the LA or New York Times or Washington Post, the East/West Coast tabloids that have such a liberal bent concerning gun control.   

Someone needs to take down Michael Moore and his audacious claims from his movie “Bowling at Columbine.”  I mean they need to take Moore down “literally” with words of TRUTH and not like Jeanne Assam did with the CO killer.  If enough people read what is in print about how firearms in the hands of the RIGHT people will save lives rather than disarming everyone and trusting it to the chosen few who might have the wrong political agenda, our country would be much better off.  Well, if that were to ever happen in the U.S., it would be like the dismal Soviet Union all over again.  Too many innocent people lost their lives in Central Asia (and Ukraine and Russia) because they were unarmed and defenseless plus they had what little rights and privileges of a nomadic lifestyle stripped from what they initially had enjoyed on the steppes. 

The cowboys in old western movies have their characteristic shootouts and in spy movies there are the obvious, evil antagonists with their clever firearms.  (At least in the classic movies, the enemy was easier to detect.)  However, the real enemy of teachers today is ignorance.  There should be no shooting with guns but rather eradicating evil and ignorance with truth, God’s TRUTH.  God got the credit today with Jeanne Assam’s testimony. Actually I believe she shot with both barrels, gunman down one day, truth on the news media the next day.  Alleluia!!!

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