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Poise and Dignity of World Class Leaders

Yushchenko with familyYushchenko with survivorPresident Yushchenko of Ukraine and his wife are my heroes.  They respect those who survived the Holodomor (Terror Famine of 1932-33) and remember those who perished.  Millions died in that two year span of communist terror against the Ukrainian peasantry.  Now after 75 years he, along with his family, presented their memorials last week.  President Yushchenko is not much to look at on the outside, (after he had been poisoned during Ukraine’s last presidential election) but inside his heart beats strongly for his fellow countrymen who ached for their dignity and independence from the long tentacles of Moscow’s elite.  Now, we have Putin’s party supposedly winning their most recent election.  Russia could teeter and topple under the heavy load of deceit that continues to reign. What appears on the outside to the world, is not true of what is going on internally.  For the Russians also suffered much under the communist era of 70 years of repression.  Yushchenko is a world class leader, Putin is not!!!

Speaking of which, my niece did NOT get the crown but rather a poised and self-assured 23 year old young lady did.  Five years older than my 18 year old niece.  I have not seen any photos of my niece off the Miss Twin Cities website but I’ll be sure to post some if they are good.  Meanwhile I’m up to 35 out of 116 applications and I’ll give you a run down of what I’m discovering of the former communist period in Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan when I get it all together.  Remarkable that any of these former Soviet Union nations can pull together on their own after what they went through under Marxist totalitarianism. 

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