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“Measure Seven Times, Cut Once”

Today the above title is a Ukrainian proverb which proved true for me. Unfortunately, I was NOT careful while matting and framing something I had waited to accomplish, Dec. 1 was to be THEE day.  As it turned out, I was overconfident in my skills.  I suppose I had reason to be, I had already framed about eight Carl Larsson prints and five Terry Redlin prints in our once bare, three-room flat.  It makes all the difference in the world, or at least in our little world. 

I had waited for my calendar of November 2007 to turn up to December so I could use the one titled “Karin by the Linen Cupboard,” it was on the back side.  Karin, who is the focal point of this print, looks like a seamstress working by the light of a three paned window with snow on the outside.  Very peaceful while she looks industrious, efficient and probably measured her fabric at least two or three times before she cut.   

I thought to myself how remarkably well everything went with the exacto knife and the straightedge as I cut the matting. Experience pays off, I could hardly wait to get this picture frame up on my office wall.  I taped down the print and then the mat to the back of the frame, I taped it particularly secure.  Things went effortlessly until…until I wanted to put the frame on the wall.  It was then that I discovered the hook was upside down OR Karin would be looking very peaceful at her work but she would be hanging upside down!!!  It must have taken about 20 minutes to undo all the tape and re-tape the matting and print the correct way.  Foiled by my own speed and inaccuracy!!!  

No worries, it turned out just fine once on my wall.  Amazing that the nail went in with the FIRST few hammer blows.  Under other pictures there are 2-3 attempts of nail holes that are covered up by the picture itself, thankfully.  However, I was brought up short by not starting the day right by doing my meditation focus first.  I had frittered away the morning instead of reading through the 116 applications I need to evaluate.  I went to my knees in my heart and repented of my frivolous thought of starting the day without Him.  Yes, measure seven times by reading His wisdom and then cut through the day.   

So far I’ve been cutting down on a HUGE pile of the apps I got last night, I have done about 20 of 116 applications in three hours.  This will be a LONG process but I’ll learn along the way how the former Soviet Union functioned in education and how the “stan” countries are coping now.  The teacher applicants are from Kyrgyzstan or Turkmenistan and want to go to the U.S. to further their education in a masters program either for one or two years, sponsored by the Edmund Muskie program.  More about these applications tomorrow.

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