Dunked Camera in Rooibos Tea

I KNOW I was tired and felt a cold coming on.  Ken and I had just gotten back from the cloud-covered mountains after eating turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, the WORKS!  It was good to see 15 feet in front of us in our flat because the whole city of Almaty was thickly clad in fog, all day sometimes you couldn’t see 10 feet before you.  Tricky for drivers of any conveyance. 

Naturally, both of us made beelines for our computers and I was in the middle of a chess.com game with my 10 year old nephew who is 12 time zones away and ALSO chatting on Skype with my folks and brother the same distance in MN.  I was just settling in with my rooibos, red tea in my tall cup and I picked up my little digital camera with my left hand.  (I’m right handed so my coordination was off) and was about to plug in the cord to the left side of my laptop to download many photos.   

Plop went my digital camera into the tea and out came a scream of horror from me.  Ken readily came to my aid and thought the surefire thing he might do to help me would be to douse it a second time with REAL water, not tea water.  So, I followed speed of light husband into the kitchen as if he were on an angel’s task of mercy.  It was not like my little camera was on fire, but now it was thoroughly drenched again!!!   

Of course, there are many precious photos from our Thanksgiving festivities on that camera. Hopefully, the memory card did not get wet and my photos can be found elsewhere when popped into another camera.  Otherwise if it is damaged, there are precious but irretrievable photos. Meanwhile, Dr. Ken believes I should take a hair dryer to the poor thing after he shook out the water from the inside of it this morning.  However, I believe in the slow, natural drying effect of putting it atop one of our radiators.  So many remedies, so little knowledge of how to mend a drowned camera. 

So, today, you MIGHT have seen some photos of our Thanksgiving meal, but you may never see the people we celebrated with or the fun we had.  I’m sad and have learned to not multi-task with a camera, laptop computer, online chess games, and Skype conversations all at once while drinking tea to unwind.  I’m thankful my laptop did not take any liquids during this dunking incident or you would not be reading this blog now. 

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